Wounded Warriors

Wounded Warriors

Apr 09, 2018

There are lots of wounded warriors in the field. These are not outcasts. They are wounded people (Christians) and need love and care to bring them back into God’s camp.
You may recognize them … They hold on to bitterness and unforgiveness. Bitter toward people. Bitter toward God. Bitter toward the church. Don’t make the mistake of responding to their bitterness by building a wall or responding in the same spirit. Give them some space and respond in the opposite spirit with love and acceptance … even accepting them where they are at and letting them have the space they want. Take time to rebuild trust with them.

God created them to be a treasure and a blessing and He may be calling you to bring that treasure out of them. You can’t do it if you respond with a counter attack.
Keep in mind that what you think is acceptable may not be the same as what someone else thinks is acceptable. You may offend someone because they feel you crossed a line. You may not have that same belief or conviction but respect and honor theirs. If you don’t, you may never have the opportunity to get close enough to them to share the loving, sacrificing God you know. Some people are much more sensitive to certain things because of past experiences – and rightfully so if you knew their story. Take the time to get to know their story.

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  1. Yvonne Elizabeth Bovingdon

    YES. I agree….
    Help me YHVH….

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