Why Kingdom Equipping Center… The Journey

Why Kingdom Equipping Center… The Journey

Mar 05, 2018

Long post… I know. But this gives insight to who we are and where we are going. I love all the posts from others – thank you! Please keep it up.

4 months ago, the Lord started to show me the “Why” behind the journey. I’m sure the journey is not over, but I can see some of the pieces that lead up to this point.

#1 – Kingdom Equipping Center (Corporate Celebration)
This came from a place in the spirit where God put it in us (Gil and Adena) to see God’s heart come forth in each of you. The mission of Kingdom Equipping Center (KEC)… To help God’s people discover and activate what God placed in you and to train and equip you to walk it out… No strings attached – except strings of love and empowerment.
KEC is now the umbrella over the following.

#2 – The Ultimate Impact – Online Course
This online course opens up the door and teaches you (God’s people) to more fully understand who you REALLY are. Each of you have a book God wrote for you… Your destiny. It is not predestination, it is your personal manual… users guide (PS 139:16). God designed you to be and work a certain way. He knows exactly what will give you the most fulfilled life. You have free will and can choose to do something else. But if you want to be the most fulfilled you can possibly be, then find out what is in your book and walk it out. One very important lesson that comes from this online course is understanding the power and authority you walk in as a king and a priest of God! This understanding of who you are and what you are called to do changes everything!

This process also opens up the understanding that if you are fighting battles that seem to go around and around without progress, then you may be fighting a legal battle in the heavenlies. The enemy is a legalist and will hold any and everything against you that he can. You can pray all you want, but if you don’t remove his legal right that you or your bloodline have given him, it won’t make any difference. If you want to have the Ultimate Impact God intends you to have, then understand who you are! Find out what is in your book! Clear away anything and everything that the enemy holds against you. It is in the courtrooms of heaven that you can regain authority to declare and decree in the Earth.

#3 – God’s Ultimate Impact – Ekklesia Arising!
Finally, currently (I say currently because our understanding of God is always expanding), our main priority at this time as God’s people, is to prepare the way of the Lord. I used to travel and teach eschatology around the world. I had it all locked down and I knew better than anyone how it was all going to end… Until, God began working on my pride and showed me… “there is room” for other interpretations of His Word. So, I don’t pretend to know exactly how or when Jesus will return anymore. All I know is He has put it on my heart to be what He called us to be – His Ekklesia.

What does that mean? I’ve written some other articles on this, but in short. Jesus set up His Kingdom on this Earth. He called it His Ekklesia. Wherever two or more are gathered, they would have His governmental authority. AND, once you understand who you are in Christ Jesus and the authority He has given you and the authority He has yet to give you, you will begin to have HIS Ultimate Impact in your region. You are called to go into the heavenlies to see and hear what our loving Pappa wants to see in the Earth. We then are to bring that into the Earth and decree it with power and authority from Heaven! YOU, are called to be a mature son… A king in the Earth.

I truly believe that as God’s people begin to recognize who they are and the power and authority God wants and expects us to operate in, we will begin to see the face of the Earth shift and God’s Kingdom begin to surface in ways we never thought we would see.

I’m not looking for an eschatological argument. Let each one of us be convinced by Holy Spirit. We will NOT all agree, BUT, we can respect, love, and honor one another and move forward together in the areas we do agree! Amen! Like a loving family/body that our Father wants to see.

www.UltimateImpactMovement.com is accessible to everyone and is being used as a study guide for new Ekklesia groups to help them get launched. From there we are connecting with other similar groups like Lindi Master’s Hubs that are worldwide.

The Ekklesia Arising Conference will bring many of these aspects into focus! If you’re nearby, join the conference. If you’re not, let us know, we may have audios or videos for this conference.

I want to see His will be done one Earth as it is in Heaven. How about you? Let’s do this!

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