Too often we still live from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. We see everything as right or wrong (You’re wrong. I’m right.), black and white, this OR that. Versus seeing things from the tree of life… Relationship.
Had Adam an Eve chosen relation (tree of life) with God, they would have had access to all the knowledge in the universe through that relationship.
But because they valued that knowledge more than the relationship, they tried a shortcut to get what they wanted.

Sound like our western mindset???
Value Knowledge more than relationship and we will lose.
Jesus’ greatest command – Love!
It was not ”Know the most!” or ”Be the right one!”

Gil Hodges.  My wife (Adena) and I started an online course in July of 2017 called “The Ultimate Impact Movement.”  You can find it at We won’t dazzle you with eloquence words or fancy film and studio settings.  This course is simply meant to find those meek and humble ones who want to work together AS ONE in the body of Christ to see His will brought from heaven to earth.  We believe in a wholistic approach to entering into His presence and doing His will to see His Kingdom revealed on Earth through His Ekklesia. Although it is best done with a group/Ekklesia, this is an online discipleship course you can take at your own pace with direct connection to Adena and myself to help you through.  Join us for the adventure of a lifetime!


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