We are Responsible!

Let’s not forget we are spirit beings living in a body of flesh. We are citizens of His Kingdom. On Earth, we are to be ambassadors/representatives of the Kingdom of God. He has given us the authority to act and be so. Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. [Mat 6:10 NKJV].
The reason He called the groups He was forming on Earth Ekklesia, was to empower them to act on the Kingdom’s behalf and legislate Kingdom principles into the Earth.
As Christians, if we do not like what we see going on around us, we must take action to change it, but in the heavenlies, first! That is what we are doing as the Ekklesia! Praying to see what Father is doing and saying then bringing that into the Earth and decreeing it with the authority God has given us as His reps in the Earth!
Let’s do this!

About the author: GIL HODGES

Gil Hodges has been in various ministries and businesses since 1989; Bible study groups, ministry clubs in college, pastor, business owner, evangelism, small groups, business ministry groups... Currently, Gil and his wife (Adena) are "pastors" of a church in Roseville California called Kingdom Equipping Center. They recently started an online discipleship course called Ultimate Impact. It is designed to help people transition from the traditional church model to becoming the government of God in groups called Ekklesias. Gil and Adena live in Roseville and have 3 adult children. You can find out more information at www.KEC777.com

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