Protocol for the Heavenlies

Protocol for the Heavenlies

Mar 08, 2018

A short summary of Heavenly protocol.  If you would like to learn more, see the links at the bottom.

As we are entering into the heavenlies, into the courts, to get verdicts and to learn what Pappa wants us to do and how He wants us to bring His Kingdom to the Earth. I see in some group sessions people get excited and in their excitement sometimes forget why we are there in the courts… in the heavens.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. YES! He designed you and gave you a passion to run with.
2. Those God-given passions/superpowers are your contribution to the Body of Christ – You WILL use those in His grand plan, but within His Body – not alone.
3. Keep things in order. Don’t let your passion override HIS plan. Some people can get so passionate and enthusiastic about what He has given them, that they tend to think every part of the body should fall in line with their passion. (I believe most of the time this is done unintentionally.)
4. We’re here (on Earth) to represent His Kingdom, not our own.

Humility is a key to making sure we are doing His will and not our own. Our passions WILL be used in the Body. But, part of being a mature son/king is learning to operate as part of the body, not the only piece of the body.

One of the best teachings for this is understanding who Christ was as our firstfruit. He was a King and Priest. He led the way. We are to follow suit but become even more in HIM.

Being a priest is a very low and humbling role. It strips us of all our pride. This we need so we can become empty of ourselves and filled with HIM.

When we go to the heavenlies to seek what He wants in the Earth, we need to seek HIS will, not our own. Sometimes it can be hard to lay our own down, but we must!

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