Membership Preview

Trading Floors Series

8 sessions based off of the 7 mountains of cultural influence

Courts of Heaven

6 week series on the Courts of Heaven

Strategic Intercession

Workshop training for building strategic intercession teams around pastors and leaders.

Hebrew Months

Our firstfruits celebrations from the past year teaching on each Hebrew month, what it means prophetically and how we can respond.

Knowing God’s Voice

Do you struggle to hear God’s voice?  Practical keys to help you grow in intimacy with God through journaling.

Kingdom Equipping Center – Sunday Nights 

Guest speakers and general teachings from Kingdom Equipping Center

Identity and Destiny 

Exploring who God is, who He created us to be, and the variety of functions, gifts and roles we operate in.

Walking in Wholeness

Discover the truth about inner healing and deliverance that will set you free!

Altar Prayer Team Ministry Training

Discovering the unique way God created you to pray and practical tips for ministry.

Weapons of Our Warfare

Do you know how to fight?  Do you have the right armor?  The right weapons?  Find out!

Spiritual Warfare

Practical teaching on spiritual warfare and testimonies on relationships, finances, healing and more!

Stay in Your Own Lane

Discover the greatest hindrance to your destiny and how to overcome it!

Finding Stability in Seasons of Transition

We often face transitions that can either bring us closer to our destiny or delay it. This teaching gives practical tips to navigating into your destiny.