Love Wins!

Love Wins!

Apr 26, 2018

I may get some flack from this. I wrote this in response to some lovely Christians (I mean that- I’m not being facetious) who were debating doctrine. I did not take sides but wrote this response. I realize not everyone will agree with me. But I hope you get the heart of where I’m coming from.

My friends, I have only 3 things to share.

1. I believe we are all followers of Jesus on this thread.
2. His greatest command is that we LOVE…
3. We will not all agree 100% on all things. BUT, this does not mean we are not followers of Jesus.

I’m sorry, but the Bible is not 100% clear in all areas. There is “room” for various interpretations. I know that may not sit well with everyone. But if you have grown in your view or understanding of scripture in your walk with the Lord, then you know this to be true. You once believed one way, now you believe differently.
Believing that your understanding of a specific doctrine is the only way to believe, this will, more than likely, lead to deception. But if your heart is open to the Holy Spirit and the Tree of life then HE will lead you into all truth. AND, He will lead our brothers and sisters into all truth in His time. Living under the tree of knowledge of good and evil causes us to want to say “I’m right, you’re wrong.”

Tree of life is about relationship. This is where God wants us to live from. Love is above all. Relationship with Him will bring truth. Knowledge will puff us up.
Does that make sense?

Part of the reason we have so much division is because a spirit of religion causes us to think our way is the only way to interpret scripture. Let’s back up and start with Jesus’ greatest commandment… To Love.

Let’s talk about doctrine from a place of, “we’re both followers of Jesus. I love and honor you. I honor your position and understanding of scripture. I may not agree with your interpretation, but I still honor you and I trust Holy Spirit to lead you. And, perhaps I have some adjusting to do in my interpretation. (For anyone to think they have it all right all the time is pride.) In the meantime, I’d like to build my relationship with you. How’s your family?”

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