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Kingdom Talks

Kingdom Talks

Kingdom Talks Media promotes Unity, Love, Honor, and Respect for ALL of God’s Children.  You’ll find our conversations are with “Transitionaries” who are helping to make a way for those who are ready to cross over into the Age to Come.

Gil and Adena Hodges have designed one of the most profound, yet easy to follow online discipleship courses to help everyone build on a solid Biblical foundation that will set you free to soar into the Heavens and discover what your heart has been desiring.

After laying the solid Biblical foundation for “walking in the Heavens” through The Ultimate Impact Series, Gil and Adena encourage you to explore other leaders and teachers from around the world who are listed on the website who are getting downloads from the Heavens that will help you engage at whatever level to which you are called.

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  1. Extremely Appreciative for this site
    and for the Obedience placed in All Connected and Involved!
    Been listening to you since April 2019…
    No one mentioned site to me…but popped up on Smart TV, You Tube…
    Have some issues with Utube…but algorithms did not kick you off…PRAISE GOD!!!
    Great Thanks for Who HE Is…
    and for who You Are…THANK YOU LORD!!!

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