IMAGINATION 2 – Breaking Out of the Lies that Keep us from Soaring!

IMAGINATION 2 – Breaking Out of the Lies that Keep us from Soaring!

Aug 03, 2018

Imagination – A Deeper Look that Breaks us Out of the Lies that keep us from Soaring!

I’m just going to come right out a say it.  I’ve meditated on this and processed it many times over. This is what I believe God is showing me. “Imagination” is simply a word created in the English Language (which has only been around for about 1500 years) to attempt to describe the work of our spirit from a secular mindset.  It is evident in its use in our world today that we use this word to describe the functions of our spirit.  They are one in the same. However, the definition of the word “imagination” comes far short of describing the power of our spirit.

Think about it. Is there anything that we do with the imagination that isn’t performed as a function of our spirit also?  If so, I’d like to know what they are.

Your body is a temple (I Cor 6:19).  Your spirit lives in your temple.  It is what gives you life. If you are a Christian then you have also invited Jesus/Holy Spirit to reside in you.  So, it is God who gives us the freedom to choose what spirit or spirits we want to open the door to.

I would love to be able to say that once we open the door to Holy Spirit that we are done.  But the evidence tells us otherwise.  We may be saved, but that does not take away our freedom of choice.  Holy Spirit may have to put up with a lot of crud we allow in even after accepting Him.  We let the spirit of fear in, the spirit of doubt, spirit of anger… you name it.  We can choose to let any spirit in that we want.  Now ideally, we don’t and won’t.  But the hard truth is we do.  We have to learn to kick out all other spirits that are not of God and repent for opening the door and agreeing with those evil spirits.

So, we do have the ability to choose which spirits we want to let in and work through us.  Adena and I teach a class on hearing the voice of God.  Mark Virkler teaches this as well.  One of the important lessons to learn and understand when listening for the voice of God is how to tell the difference between the voice of God, your voice, and the voice of the enemy.  It can be difficult, but with practice, you can learn.  But here are the basics.  If the voice you hear is telling you good things and building you up, that is probably God.  If it is tearing you down and condemning you, it is almost certainly the enemy.  Sometimes you may find you talk to yourself, and that is ok if it is not out loud in a small group of people. Ha!

With imagination, it is very similar.  Your imagination/spirit can be used for evil, personal use (solving a problem), or to engage with God and all of Heaven.  How do you know which is which?  I can tell you that for me and what we teach in the Ultimate Impact Discipleship Course (UIM) that we do not step into the use of our imagination to engage with our Father’s Kingdom without first going through a process to make sure we are stepping into and through Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only door to Heaven.  There is no other.

Bottom line is, you can engage your spirit with the demonic, personal use, with Holy Spirit anytime you want. You will know if you are doing it through the demonic if you are engaged/partnered with the demonic.  If you’re trying to engage the spirit realm and you’re not going through Jesus, you’re engaged with the demonic – STOP!  If you’re engaging your spirit/imagination to solve a problem or view a vacation spot you’re hoping to go to, that is probably just you using your spirit/imagination for yourself.  There is nothing wrong with that.  However, Jesus is the way and He is the door if you want to enter Heaven.  In UIM we teach how to safely engage your imagination/spirit so you can step into God’s Kingdom.  We teach you the Bible verses that show this is what the disciples did and how it was actually an expectation that we (God’s children) should engage with our Father in Heaven. This is not reserved for so-called spiritual giants.  No!  This is for you!

These things are true!  I can tell you after doing this multiple times a week for months and going on years, that there is nothing like it.  More and more people are experiencing the same thing.  It’s amazing to hear someone else describe what they see in Heaven and realize it is just the way I saw it!  There is so much to learn in God’s Kingdom, and yet we are only scratching the surface. I can say that after getting to know dozens of people personally who are doing this and seeing the intimacy they have with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that if that was the only thing that ever came of this, it would be so well worth it!  And no one can tell me this is of the devil.  That, I can say with full assurance, is a lie of the enemy. The devil is not in the business of teaching people how to develop a relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This may way off your grid or out of your paradigm.  But I believe that this is a marker of those who will be helping the church shift into the age to come. Almost everyone can sense that church as we know it shifting.  How that will look, we don’t really know.  But we know that from age to age we continue to grow in our understanding of God and He loves to reveal more of Himself with each new generation.

If we can get past the stigma that our imagination is a toy and realize that the word itself is simply a lame attempt by secular minds to describe the functions of our spirit without admitting that we have one, then perhaps we will make massive leaps into this new season!  Imagination is part of who we are!  It’s time we give it the attention it deserves.  What better tactic of the enemy to keep us from our full potential than to convince us that our imagination is just a fluky daydream toy that will get you in trouble by your boss or teacher if you’re not careful.

Let’s learn to intentionally engage!

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  1. Anjila

    Dearest Pastor, This is eye 👁 opening to me ! As I was praying and asking Holy Spirit to show me , lead me to the right teaching ….guess what I got from your web …. wow 😮
    God bless you and your ministers!

    1. KEC_Admin

      So glad you were lead to what you needed. You are blessed and His favor shines upon you!

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