Are YOU looking for MORE?

If you haven’t noticed, God’s people across the planet are desiring MORE! God’s creative power is rising up in each one of us.

It is creating a desire to know Him at deeper levels than ever before. There is a yearning in His people to see His Kingdom come, His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Ekklesia Arising
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The Purpose of

Ekklesia Groups:

  1. Discover and understand who you really are in HIM.
  2. Grow to be a Mature Son/King operating in the power and authority HE has given you in the Earth.
  3. Be the Ekklesia – Family Doing Kingdom Business.

Join or Start an Ekklesia Group Today!

These things are taught in our Ultimate Impact Series, available as a turnkey online course that can be used by anyone in their own group.

We encourage you to gather a group of people you think would be open to this at your home.

If you’re not local, we can do this through Skype or Zoom. The idea is that each person gets on the Ultimate Impact Series and goes through each week’s lessons together. When everyone gathers at your home or meeting place, you simply play the supplemented video by Amy and begin the discussion.

After the first 2-3 weeks, your group would discuss the lessons from the previous week, and then the group would take 20-30 minutes to move into actually ascending as a group to see what Father God wants done in the Earth. Your group would then begin to pray, decree, and declare those things into the Earth. We will show you how! (Later we’ll provide a video as this grows. The video will show you how to pray, decree and declare into the Earth.)

We need you!

We need a critical mass of people who are willing to be the government of God (Ekklesia) in the Earth and see the Earth shifted to reflect our Father’s will!

I’ve talked with a few people and there seems to be an agreement in the Spirit that there is a critical mass of people needed (no one has a specific number) to begin seeing significant shifts in the Earth.

What that means, is as people unite and come together to operate as the government of God on the Earth (Ekklesia) in small groups all over the globe, when we reach a certain critical mass we will begin to see God’s will done on Earth like never before! We will need people willing to lead groups and people willing to join the movement.

If you want to join a group or start a group for your area or state, Click below to send an email to us. The online program is straightforward and allows a facilitator to do as much or as little as they want. You just need the will and the desire to move on it if this is what God is calling you to do!

Let’s start being the Real Ekklesia. This can only happen as we are willing to ascend together as ONE into the Heavenlies to see what our Father is doing, THEN, Truly laying down our lives and wills to accomplish His will on Earth.

You want MORE? In God’s upside down economy, MORE comes when we are willing to let go of what we have… Lay it down before our God AND His children. When we are willing to give all that we have for others, and that becomes our first nature, we are truly becoming Mature Sons and are reflecting His image in the Earth!

Let’s Live It!!!

Remember, as you are starting these groups, the purpose is not to get what we want, but to find out what the Father wants and bring that to Earth!