Don’t be a Skeptic

I’ve been a skeptic most of my life.
Basically, that means I’ve already chosen NOT to believe anything I don’t already know. Ha! How limiting is that!
God showed me that if I really want to understand Him more, that I would have to be willing to see things from other people’s points of view. Even the things I thought I already knew. I needed to seek to understand them, even if I disagreed.
I can tell you that within the last year I have grown more than I have at any other time. It has been one of the most exciting and rewarding times of my life as I have let God show me that He is bigger and greater than all my limited views I once held so rigid too. Scripture has become so alive and powerful.
It is from this place that I have seen and understood our role of being God’s government on the Earth and the power and authority He wants us to have even more clearly. But it comes through understanding who we are as priests first. We must go low before we can receive the rewards and authority of mature sons.
Be blessed!
Be free in Him!

About the author: GIL HODGES

Gil Hodges has been in various ministries and businesses since 1989; Bible study groups, ministry clubs in college, pastor, business owner, evangelism, small groups, business ministry groups... Currently, Gil and his wife (Adena) are "pastors" of a church in Roseville California called Kingdom Equipping Center. They recently started an online discipleship course called Ultimate Impact. It is designed to help people transition from the traditional church model to becoming the government of God in groups called Ekklesias. Gil and Adena live in Roseville and have 3 adult children. You can find out more information at

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