Do We Legislate or Administrate from the Heavens?

There have been questions about whether we administrate or legislate from the heavenlies. The answer is, “both!” However, the confusion comes in the use of the words.

leg·is·late lejəˌslāt
1. to make or enact laws.

verb (used with object), administrated, administrating.
1. to administer.

For the most part, we are called to administer the laws, powers, authority, etc. that God has already put in place. We have been given power and authority to rule and reign. But, we have yet to fully administer the laws and authority He has given us.

We seldom are involved in making new laws in the heavens at this time. I didn’t say we don’t, but I have yet to find a time or situation when God has had me make a new law. But I am constantly aware that I need to administer the laws that are already there.

Hope that helps.

About the author: GIL HODGES

Gil Hodges has been in various ministries and businesses since 1989; Bible study groups, ministry clubs in college, pastor, business owner, evangelism, small groups, business ministry groups... Currently, Gil and his wife (Adena) are "pastors" of a church in Roseville California called Kingdom Equipping Center. They recently started an online discipleship course called Ultimate Impact. It is designed to help people transition from the traditional church model to becoming the government of God in groups called Ekklesias. Gil and Adena live in Roseville and have 3 adult children. You can find out more information at

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