Deep Law of Giving

Deep Law of Giving

Apr 24, 2018

God’s law of giving is, I believe from my experience, the breakthrough law! It’s not about how much you give or how you give, it’s about your heart. And God is always after our heart. The breakthrough comes when we reach a place where we are so in love with God and His creation, especially people, that our heart has no greater pleasure and desire other than to respect, bless, honor and somehow give to those around us. Often times, and usually the easiest path or way to give is money. It is the route that is used the most and there is nothing wrong with it.  But you could give your time, service, etc.

It takes meditation on His word and intimacy with Him so He can transform your heart to reflect His image… a giving and loving person. When we reflect His image in giving, THEN, comes a whole new level of breakthrough!

Tell me, have you experienced it?

This does not mean you wait until you have millions of dollars to give.

As we move forward with Ekklesias Arising around the globe with the desire and hope to see the Earth shift, WE FIRST, must shift.

Giving is a characteristic of a mature son of God. God is a giver. His children will reflect His image!


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