Competing with AI

They’ve moved the Singularity point from 2045 to 2029. That’s when technology and AI advance to the point that computers are advancing faster than we can keep up. We won’t know what they’re doing. This is exciting! BECAUSE, it means God will be increasing Spiritual technology to His people to match and exceed!


When Jesus used the word Ekklesia to describe the movement He was building in the Earth, I’m sure the disciples took a double take… because they realized He was building a kingdom… His Kingdom, because this word in Greek is a government term. He was, and is, calling His followers to BE His governing Body in the Earth. We have missed that calling for the most part.
Now I want to be respectful to all of our church body. We, ALL, ARE IN FACT THE BODY OF CHRIST. So, I am not judging anyone or any denominations. But, I’m judging myself in this statement. The body is growing and coming further and further out of the dark ages. We still have more to learn. But, for the most part, many churches are still in a social group phase where people come to be spectators, not participants.

We have to understand that each and every church and denomination IS part of one body. We need to act like it and bless each church for the part (focus) that they bring. Some focus on salvation and evangelism – Needed! Some focus on caring for the homeless and the down and out – Needed! Some focus on training leaders – Needed! We have to understand that nearly every church/group has a special function they bring to the body that is needed if we want to have the Ultimate Impact in a region.
EKKLESIA ARISING – will be focused on the idea that Jesus expects His Ekklesia to be His governing body on the Earth! Which means we need to be spending time in groups all over the Earth ascending into the heavens to see what Father is doing and saying, then, as a group/Ekklesia, bringing that into the Earth and decreeing what we saw or heard into the Earth as mature sons/kings. I believe THIS is what the Earth (all creation) has been groaning/waiting for. This is the preparation for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. He and all creation are waiting for us to take our place as His governing body and to bring His will from Heaven to Earth!
Let’s do this!
We’re starting groups wherever there are people willing to start. We’re using the Ultimate Impact Course to teach and lay the foundation for the Ekklesias. This is a 1 year Discipleship course that is changing lives and teaching people who they are in Christ so you can begin to operate in Kingdom authority. YOU ARE CALLED TO RULE AND REIGN AS KINGS AND PRIESTS! You will learn what this means and so much more. To get more information and to see testimonies of those who are in the course, go to
Blessings and Courage!