Gil and Adena Hodges are called to assist people on their journey to understand who they are in Christ and how to function in His Body on Earth.  In their 28 years of ministry, they have sought to understand God’s calling on all God’s people, not just those in pulpit or missionary ministry, but to those in business, government, education, media, arts and entertainment, as well.

Gil and Adena believe that every believer has a vital role in the body of Christ.  Even the smallest “part” is needed in order for the Body of Christ to have its full and “Ultimate Impact” in a region.


God has called every believer to take their place in His body.  The problem is many don’t know what that is, so they wander aimlessly and without purpose.  Through their experience, Gil and Adena bring practical ways to clarify identity and destiny and to move in the power of Holy Spirit.


Gil and Adena’s teachings have been well received and accepted in a wide variety of Denominational, Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches.  Their prayer strategies and teachings on identity in Christ have been shared with over 150 churches.  If you’re looking to find your purpose as an individual or as a group or region, Gil and Adena will provide you with the tools and resources to go deep with God and partner with Him to see His kingdom manifest in and through you.  You can avoid the pitfalls the enemy has for you and to succeed in your kingdom destiny!


Teachings Include:

  • How to Hear from God

    • Simple Steps to Hear God
    • Overcoming Obstacles to Hearing God
    • Discernment
    • Discover the Destiny God has for You
  • Strategic Prayer Teams for Leaders

    • Prayer covering for Pastors (Fasting and Prayer Teams)
    • Team Intercession
    • Building Bridges Between Pastors and Intercessors
    • How to not Burn Out your Intercessors
  • Identity in Christ

    • Multiple Dimensions of Identity
    • Vision for Destiny
    • Overcoming Roadblocks to Your Calling
    • Working Together as a Body
  • Walking in Wholeness

    • Mindset Shifts
    • Growing in Maturity in Christ
    • Emotional Freedom
    • Generational Inheritance
  • How to Pray with Power and Authority

    • Understanding the Courts of Heaven
    • Walking in Kingdom Authority
    • Wielding the Sword of the Spirit
    • Declaring Decrees with Confidence