Gil and Adena Hodges are called to assist people on their journey to understand who they really are in Christ and how to function in His Body on Earth… His Ekklesia.  In nearly 30 years of ministry, they have sought to understand God’s calling on all God’s people, not just those in pulpit or missionary ministry, but to those who operate in the 7 mind-molders of most societies including; family, business, government, education, media, and art and entertainment, as well as religion.

Gil and Adena believe that every believer has a vital role in the body of Christ and His Ekklesia.  Even the smallest part is needed in order for The Father to have His full “Ultimate Impact” in a region.

Their mandate has been to train and equip Kingdom believers for the “Ultimate Impact.” God has called every believer to take their place in His body.  However, the enemy has created a matrix of lies to deceive those who are called to keep them from stepping into their place in the Ekklesia. Through their experience, Gil and Adena bring practical ways to break off those lies. Identity and destiny are clarified for those who are called, so that they can operate in their true power and authority for Kingdom transformation of the Earth… “On Earth as it is in Heaven.”

Gil and Adena’s teachings have been well received and accepted in a wide variety of evangelical, Pentecostal and charismatic churches.  Their gentle teaching and real authentic style coupled with deep and powerful revelation allow the listener to receive the message and activate it in their life. It is highly important to Gil and Adena that Believers not just be consumers of knowledge through listening and reading, but that what is learned is activated and becomes life changing.

It is the testimony of most everyone that engages with Gil and Adena’s online discipleship course that it is “life-changing.”  Most people are tired and weary of constantly learning but never changing. The “Ultimate Impact” online discipleship course is truly transformative for those who are willing to fully engage.

If you’re looking to find your purpose as an individual, group, or region, Gil and Adena will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to go deep with God and partner with Him to see His Kingdom manifest in and through you.

To schedule a workshop or conference with your group please go to the contact section of this website.

Teachings Include:

  • Engaging as the Ekklesia
    • Learning to Administrate and Legislate from Heaven
    • Understanding our authority to bring Heaven to Earth
    • Operating from the Tree of Life vs. Tree of Knowledge
    • Living from the inside out
  • How to Hear from God
    • Simple steps to hear God
    • Overcoming obstacles to hearing God
    • Discernment
  • Strategic Prayer Teams for Leaders
    • Prayer covering for protection and advancement of the Kingdom – Fasting and Prayer Teams
    • Intercession that nurtures and values the intercessor team.
    • Building bridges between pastors and intercessors
    • Avoiding intercessor burnout
  • Identity in Christ
    • Multiple dimensions of identity
    • Vision for destiny
    • Overcoming roadblocks to your calling
    • Working together as a body
    • Engaging with your Heavenly self, seated with Christ
  • Walking in Wholeness
    • Shifting Mindsets
    • Growing maturity in Christ
    • Emotional freedom
    • Generational inheritance
    • Effective and permanent deliverance