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Kingdom Equipping Center (KEC) is a unique, relational platform for equipping people from all walks of life to fulfill their destiny in Christ. Our mission is to help YOU fulfill your mission and vision! We believe every believer is called to be a “Kingdom Carrier” and to spread God’s love to every area of influence including the seven mountains: Business, Religion, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Government, Education and Family.

KEC is a non-denominational, regional ministry called to bring unity and equipping to a new level. We do this through our weekly Sunday night celebration service as well as workshops, classes, conferences and retreats.

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Kingdom Equipping Center
& Kingdom Talks Media

Discover the Heavens Retreat
with Chris Carter

Join us for a unique weekend experience in the beautiful foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

At the spacious Tokayana Lodge, Colfax, CA Nestled in the forested foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Early Bird Pricing and Payment Plan Available until August 16, 2019.

Sunday Nights
Life Church

1052 Melody Lane, Suite #290,
Roseville, CA 95678

6:30 – 8:30pm

Kingdom Talks Media promotes Unity, Love, Honor, and Respect for ALL of God’s Children.  You’ll find our conversations are with “Transitionaries” who are helping to make a way for those who are ready to cross over into the Age to Come.

Online Videos

Kingdom Equipping Center

If God’s mature believers will step up and step out, we can see the love of God rule and reign in the hearts of His people! GOD IS LOVE!

Online Videos

Ultimate Impact Movement

Grow into your place of Kingdom Authority, Gil Hodges and Adena Hodges have been given insight and revelation to explain and teach how to step into your Kingdom Authority and rule as God’s Ekklesia! Christians all over the world are learning what this means and how to step in! Sounds grandiose, but it’s really what God has always called us to. So let’s get started! Start the course @

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Kingdom Equipping Center & Kingdom Talks Media

Hey! Blessings to everyone. Thank you for getting us to over 1100 subscribers. We are excited to be carrying a message for the next age. We love our community and want to share this awesome journey of Yeshua’s love as we cross over to the next age! God’s Love Wins!

Kingdom Talks

Kingdom Talks Media promotes Unity, Love, Honor, and Respect for ALL of God’s Children.  You’ll find our conversations are with “Transitionaries” who are helping to ...
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Our YouTube Videos

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Edge of the Spiritual Singularity

Dec 15, 2018 GIL HODGES At the Edge of the Spiritual Singularity. Good News!  We’re getting sucked into the Spiritual Singularity. What is a singularity?  ...
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3 Plumb Lines for the Church in the Age to Come

Oct 03, 2018 GIL HODGES 3 Plumb Lines for New Generation Followers of Yeshua! As for me and my house (Kingdom Equipping Center), we agree ...
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IMAGINATION 2 – Breaking Out of the Lies that Keep us from Soaring!

Aug 03, 2018 GIL HODGES Imagination – A Deeper Look that Breaks us Out of the Lies that keep us from Soaring! I’m just going ...
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Jul 21, 2018 GIL HODGES IMAGINATION Where does it come from? Where does it go to? First of all, I will say up front that ...
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Can You Go to Heaven and Back without Dying?

Jun 10, 2018 GIL HODGES As Christians, we glibly quote verses like Ephesians 2:7 about being seated with Christ in heavenly places and Hebrews 4:16 ...
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Mature Sons

May 17, 2018 GIL HODGES What a powerful, exciting, and intriguing realization. God wants you to be like Jesus! Jesus was the first fruit of ...
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3 Feasts and the Ekklesia – The Fullness!

May 01, 2018 GIL HODGES Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Tabernacles, and the Ekklesia! Why is this season different than any other? Well, maybe it’s not. ...
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Love Wins!

Apr 26, 2018 GIL HODGES I may get some flack from this. I wrote this in response to some lovely Christians (I mean that- I’m ...
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Deep Law of Giving

Apr 24, 2018 GIL HODGES God’s law of giving is, I believe from my experience, the breakthrough law! It’s not about how much you give ...
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Wounded Warriors

Apr 09, 2018 GIL HODGES There are lots of wounded warriors in the field. These are not outcasts. They are wounded people (Christians) and need ...
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Where It’s At

Mar 29, 2018 GIL HODGES Where “it’s” at… All too often people are looking for the next great thing… The New Thing. We can’t be ...
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Protocol for the Heavenlies

Mar 08, 2018 GIL HODGES A short summary of Heavenly protocol.  If you would like to learn more, see the links at the bottom. As we ...
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Where do Mature Sons Sow?

Mar 06, 2018 GIL HODGES TAKING RESPONSIBILITY AS A MATURE SON I think most would agree that God is doing something amazing. We have all ...
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Why Kingdom Equipping Center… The Journey

Mar 05, 2018 GIL HODGES Long post… I know. But this gives insight to who we are and where we are going. I love all ...
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Seeking His Highest

Feb 23, 2018 GIL HODGES There are people at all stages in their walk with Jesus. Therefore, all stages of ministry are necessary. Evangelists – ...
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Know-It-All’s Will Have a Hard Time Receiving the “New.”

Feb 14, 2018 GIL HODGES Western/Greek knowledge can be very limiting. We tend to worship knowledge when we’re not careful. For instance, if I think ...
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Don’t be a Skeptic

Feb 12, 2018 GIL HODGES I’ve been a skeptic most of my life. Basically, that means I’ve already chosen NOT to believe anything I don’t ...
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Every Part of the Body of Christ is Valuable

Feb 05, 2018 GIL HODGES God’s heart of love rejoices over His body on Earth. If one speaks of another part of the Body of ...
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