3 Feasts and the Ekklesia – The Fullness!

3 Feasts and the Ekklesia – The Fullness!

May 01, 2018

Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Tabernacles, and the Ekklesia!

Why is this season different than any other?

Well, maybe it’s not.

BUT, everything in me is saying, “Look Up!” I feel like God is screaming at us through His signs and wonders in the sky. With all that just took place in 2016 & 2017 (Please someone list all the signs!) We would have to seriously be burying our heads in the sand and placing our hearts and heads in “Denial” mode to not see that God is telling us that something is coming.

Here is what I see.

God gave us 3 main feasts to celebrate. He’s pretty serious about these feasts for a reason.

#1 Passover – also represented by the outer court of the Temple.

#2 Pentecost – also represented by the Holy place in the temple.

#3 Feast of Tabernacles – also represented in the Most Holy Place in the temple.

God gave us so many ways in scripture to show this pattern to us for a reason!

The first 2 feasts have already taken place.

The first great feast is Passover – represented by the Blood of the Lamb being spread over the door to our heart. Jesus was the Lamb of God.

The act of asking Jesus into your heart brings Salvation – the first step of a 1000+ step journey with God.

Side note: I felt God say to me some time ago that I was personally 2 steps into that 1000+ step journey. I have to say I felt greatly discouraged. But then He said. At 10 steps in I would begin to see things like I never have before. At 20 steps I would be operating as a full mature son/king with full authority from Him to reign and rule. This is meant for all God’s children if they chose to move in it now. I still had to ask, “What about the other 980 steps?” He said there are infinite steps through eternity with Me. And, I will begin accelerating things toward the end so that the 20 steps will come much sooner for those who are entering into my Heavenly place for training! Whoo Hooo!

The second great feast is that of Pentecost. We see at Pentecost the fire and power of the Holy Spirit was received. Those who walk in the power of the Holy Spirit know what this supernatural power of God is like! It’s awesome when He is flowing through us.

I hear over and over people and churches saying, “If only we could recapture the power of the early church.” But even Paul and Jesus said that the signs and wonders seen in those early days were only a very small portion of what is yet to come.

Jesus said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater [works] than these he will do, because I go to My Father.” (Jhn 14:12 NKJV)

Paul said, “Not only [that], but we also who have the firstfruits of the Spirit…” (Rom 8:23 NKJV)

So come on! Pentecost was only the down payment for what is to come! AMEN!

WOW! This stuff is so cool!

Are you ready? Get this. The Feast of Tabernacles (SUKKOT) is the feast that has not been fulfilled yet. All the signs He has been providing tell us that something big is coming. And the message being received is that the mature sons are coming. The kings are coming!


Oooooohhhhh my goodness… We are moving into the time of God’s last great move on this Earth! He is looking for men and women who are ready to give it all! He, and ALL creation, are looking and yearning for those mature sons/kings who are willing to lay it all down so He can bring the FULLNESS! GOD FULLY IN US! Tabernacle! Holy Spirit lives in us, but He is looking for those willing to lay it all down so He can FULLY FILL us! Pentecost was the down payment… Christ in us. Holy Spirit in us. We are His new temple, after He left Herod’s temple. But He has yet to operate at full power. But that is where we are headed! The Feast of Tabernacles is God in us – Fully! It us with God in the Holy of Holies! Hallelujah!

This is now the operation of Ekklesias all over the world… To bring Heaven to Earth. His will on Earth as it is in Heaven! AMEN! He’s looking for mature believers ready to lay it all down so He can fill you. These will then, in turn, begin to bring Heaven to Earth as Kingdom Kings with Kingdom Authority!

All creation has been groaning for this!!!!! Let’s line up!

If you can’t tell, I’m extremely excited about this. Adena and I have been working like crazy to get this full teaching out there. It is online in the Ultimate Impact Movement. www.UltimateImpactMovement.com. There are currently close to 90 different teaching, each about 15-20 min long.

Take a look at what others are getting out of it.

Its so awesome seeing God move this into place. The course is being used by small home Ekklesias all over. Anyone can start a group or go through it as an individual!

Things are about to shift!

Hallelujah and Amen!

I can say that 2018 is going to be an extraordinary year. It will have it challenges, with our eyes on Jesus, we won’t notice the challenges much at all.

What I see as a bigger thing to be concerned about in this new year is the enemy will use the good things to keep you from moving in your destiny. There will be and are so many other great things to do, you need to make sure that what you are doing is what is in your book (Ps. 139:16). This is your priority. Do what is in your book!

IF you’re called to be the Ekklesia, get on board and let’s do this! If your destiny is something else at this time, then stay focused on that. We are the body and we all have to do what God is calling us to do in this season!


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