Edge of the Spiritual Singularity

Edge of the Spiritual Singularity

Dec 15, 2018

At the Edge of the Spiritual Singularity.

Good News!  We’re getting sucked into the Spiritual Singularity.

What is a singularity?  The word is being used in many different spaces which can skew  its understanding.  Here is the dictionary definition: In PHYSICS or MATHEMATICS it is a point at which a function takes an infinite value, especially in space-time when matter is infinitely dense, as at the center of a black hole.

Originally, in physics, it was used to describe the center of a black hole.  But more recently it has been used to describe the point at which technology will begin to accelerate at such a rapid pace we will not be able to keep up, hence, “a point at which a function takes an infinite value.”  It can be a little scary if you look at it from a worldly point of view.

That point in our history at which the technology singularity is to arrive was at first placed around 2045.  However, in the last year or two it has been moved to the year 2029.

(Note:  Most of the dates are approximate and future dates are only conjectures.)

As I mentioned. This can be quite unsettling if when you look at it from a worldly point of view.  AI, Artificial Intelligence, is already creating – “birthing” its own babies.  “Google Computer Creates Own Child.” There is no way for us to prevent AI from thinking on its own. There are people out there who want it to think for itself.  Safeguards in programming to stop AI from deciding humans are irrelevant, a waste of resources, or worse, an enemy. They are figments of our hope, but not a reality at all!  Some people will create AI with no safeguards, and even the safeguards we try to program in, will eventually be overcome by AI’s own reprogramming from one generation to another.  Is it possible that AI would see humans as something special and worthy of protection and helping us achieve greater levels of success? That might be a possibility.  But the one thing they will never have is a true emotional/spiritual connection that gives them a reason to be sympathetic.  No, the first versions of AI will be logical and calculated.  They may have pseudo emotions programmed in, but eventually, if all you use is logic and reason, one would come to the conclusion that “humans are selfish and a drain on the Earth… lets at least pair them down to a few million.”

BUT GOD! Wow, now here is the amazing thing.  God is preparing His people with spiritual technology and tools that will counter the AI.  In fact, I can see that we are on the verge of a spiritual singularity. God is opening up tools and resources to His people that we have never seen or used before.  Sure, a few people through history have tapped into these here or there to keep them alive and preserve them for us in this time.  But now!  Well, Father is teaching them to all who will step in. He is creating a massive army ahead of the technology singularity.  These men and women of YHWH are being prepared to stand against what the enemy wants to use against humanity.

Here are some of the things that I see that give me reason to call it a singularity.  Remember, the definition is, “a point at which a function takes an infinite value.”  I see this happening.  There are groups and people rising up all over the Earth.  There are those who want to control it and have it “Their Way.”  But it is not working for them.  If anything, these people are isolating themselves from the rest of the Body of Yeshua and what HE is doing.  Those of us who are moving with His flow are seeing Him do great and mighty things of which the world has never seen before.  He is uniting His people with this new spiritual technology.  We are not looking to just one person or group for single leadership.  We are finding that only YHWH is the head.  Yeshua is truly leading His people. There is no way to contain or corral this movement of God.  It is HIS singularity.  He is unleashing His spiritual power and authority into His body like never before. No one person can get on top of it and control it.  It is to infinite for any finite human being to rule over it.  Only God!

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