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6:30 pm Pacific – Every Sunday Night in Sacramento, CA AND 10:30 am Mountain Time – Every Sunday Morning in Colorado Springs.

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Gil and Adena Hodges lead Kingdom Equipping Center. We believe and teach that every person carries within them a God-given superpower that is vital to the body of Christ.

Our heart is to help people discover that gift God has planted within you and equip and train you to take your place in the Body of Christ so God can have His Ultimate Impact in your region!

We are so glad to be settling in at Colorado Springs and feel the Lord’s pleasure and favor as we step into a new year, a new decade and definitely a new season!



Family doing Kingdom Business – Kingdom Equipping Center (KEC) is a unique, relational platform for equipping people from all walks of life to fulfill their destiny in Christ.

Our mission is to help YOU fulfill your mission and vision! We believe every believer is called to be a “Kingdom Carrier” and to spread God’s love to every area of influence including the seven mountains: Business, Religion, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Government, Education and Family.

KEC is a non-denominational, regional ministry called to bring unity and equipping to a new level.

We do this through our weekly Sunday night celebration service as well as workshops, classes, conferences and retreats.

Feel free to join us on Sunday nights or any of our upcoming workshops, conferences, or retreats!

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Kingdom Talks Media promotes Unity, Love, Honor, and Respect for ALL of God’s Children.  You’ll find our conversations are with “Transitionaries” who are helping to make a way for those who are ready to cross over into the Age to Come.

Kingdom Talks Media is designed to help you find the MORE that God has for each one of us.

Gil and Adena Hodges have designed one of the most profound, yet easy to follow online discipleship courses to help everyone build on a solid Biblical foundation that will set you free to soar into the Heavens and discover what your heart has been desiring.

After laying the solid Biblical foundation for “walking in the Heavens” through The Ultimate Impact Series, Gil and Adena encourage you to explore other leaders and teachers from around the world who are listed on the website who are getting downloads from the Heavens that will help you engage at whatever level to which you are called.

Online Videos

Ultimate Impact Movement

Grow into your place of Kingdom Authority, Gil Hodges and Adena Hodges have been given insight and revelation to explain and teach how to step into your Kingdom Authority and rule as God’s Ekklesia!

Christians all over the world are learning what this means and how to step in! It’s really what God has always called us to. Click HERE to get started.

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Kingdom Equipping Center
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Hey! Blessings to everyone. Thank you for getting us to over 1100 subscribers. We are excited to be carrying a message for the next age. We love our community and want to share this awesome journey of Yeshua’s love as we cross over to the next age! God’s Love Wins!

Kingdom Equipping Center
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Kingdom Talks Media promotes Unity, Love, Honor, and Respect for ALL of God’s Children.  You’ll find our conversations are with “Transitionaries” who are helping to ...
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